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Curious Kat

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(без темы) [янв. 11, 2013|12:07 am]
Curious Kat
that's the problem nowadays... men are too scared to ask women for their
number or out or anything... only ones that are endlessly looking
for sex are kind of brave and just cause they're so hopeless..

немного запоздало :) [янв. 3, 2013|11:05 pm]
Curious Kat
3.1.13 :D
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(без темы) [дек. 30, 2012|02:08 pm]
Curious Kat
I see so much anger and aggression every single day...
why is world getting angrier?
we're waiting to catch someone making mistake and point at it... we're sticking labels to everything surrounding us..
labeling is generally not too good... but why don't we use love instead of anger? smile instead hate? laugh instead of swearing?!

if every single one of us would become a little bit happier... happier for no reason, just as we can smile for no reason..
world would be so much brighter with so much less pain...

I wish next year would bring peace into our lives! and some love also ;)

let's keep smiling and let others do so... and let all of our best wishes come true :) bring the magic on! :D
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(без темы) [дек. 29, 2012|10:19 pm]
Curious Kat
everyone is writing about their year... totals, numbers, events etc.

I'm not quite sure about mine as it seems like this whole year was preparation for the next one..
but let's try to have a look at it.

- I've left job that I hated and which was literally killing me
- I've analyzed and re-analyzed. I do that every year, but it seems like I brought my self-understanding to the brand new level
- I fell in love for couple of times :)
- I improved emotional control a lot and practicing meditation time after time
- I finally had first ever holidays when I didn't have to do anything at all, just eat, sleep and swim :D
- as an owner of Kindle I'm reading a lot again
- I've moved into flat, not sharing house anymore :)
- cut my hair shorter than ever :)
- pierced my ears finally :D
- attended 2 ice hockey games, lost my voice and twisted my wrist and sang national anthem for sooooo many times :D

obviously it's not something that great or worth to admire, but... there's always but ;)

I feel that I'm ready to start brand new life. brand new happy life :)
and 2013 will be my lucky year as my BDay will be 3.1.13 or 1.3.13 if you like :D

what you take won't kill you, but careful what you're giving (c)DM [дек. 16, 2012|06:22 pm]
Curious Kat

so true... being totally honest with ourselves - how often do we give with one hand and taking with other?

this illusion seems to me much worse than ignorance...
it brings on the fight within you. you should be thankful for what you get, but you can't ignore what is being taken from you and understanding that this exchange is not equal at all...

should it work like this? - I don't think so...
tho it also seems strange to me that some of us don't understand what they're doing. or do they pretend they don't?!
you can't buy feelings for money. you can't heal scars on someone's soul with it.

you say it's more comfortable to cry in Lamborgini than on bike? I say I rather laugh on bike than cry in Lamborgini.

we are too got used to ask for what we shouldn't. take what we're not allowed to touch.

we forgot how to be humans with pure souls...
being honest to ourselves even tho it hurts sometimes.
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wait... [дек. 9, 2012|10:45 pm]
Curious Kat

it's when you're waiting for something...
time stops. you can't do anything cause... cause of what?! you don't even know yourself, you just can't..
concentration is gone, something is pulsing in your head and your eyes are looking for something...
you think to yourself:" I'm so impatient! I should try better and next time it will be easier.."
but it's not... every next time it's as hard as first...
why can't you sleep? why coffee is not waking you up in the morning?
why can't you read? why are you flying away during movies?
why can't you talk? why are you listening but not hearing?

it seems like I will never learn to wait... unless I will know that this time it's going to be fine and I'm not waiting for nothing...

(без темы) [сент. 22, 2012|06:50 pm]
Curious Kat
мой русский уже давно не "блещет качеством", но меня просто убивают люди, заявляющие, что они работали в журналистике, литературе и т.д. и т.п. и допускающие просто самые ужасные и, я бы сказала, десткие ошибки...

ну как так?!
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why would you trust a stranger with beautiful smile? [авг. 8, 2012|11:44 pm]
Curious Kat
it seems more painful every time you fall in love...
but then...
then you realize that every next time it hurts for all previous...
and you fall in love one more time trying to heal those wounds.
you're getting one more.

(без темы) [янв. 9, 2012|01:03 am]
Curious Kat
каждый раз, когда я приезжаю домой, мне все сложнее уезжать обратно... и дело не только в родных местах и части моей семьи, что тут... я начинаю чувствовать, что мне становится жизненно важно где-то осесть, наконец-то иметь свой собственный дом и "готовить в своей кухне и по-своему", возвращаться туда, где тебя ждут и делать то, что любишь...

с каждым отпуском время летит все быстрее и все сложнее успеть увидеть всех, по кому скучаешь все это долгое время... телефонные разговоры уже не спасают, а жизнь раскидала всех нас по разным ктранам, континентам и краям света...

так вот иногда грустно становится...  темными теплыми вечерами, когда смотришь в будующее и не знаешь (а может и боишься узнать), что там...

(без темы) [янв. 2, 2012|11:14 pm]
Curious Kat

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